A Message from the Osaka Chapter Chief

Thank you for visiting our home-page.

At the Osaka Dojo, we want to teach martial artistry, history and philosophy of Okinawan karate (Shuri-Te and Tomari-Te) to the next-generation of Karate practitioners. We welcome all prospective students: whether you are interested in Okinawan karate for health reasons or educational growth, contact us anytime!

The Matsubayashi-ryu Dojo Osaka chapter is currently the only official dojo of the WMKA in the Kansai region. We utilize the official Karate training method created by the 2nd Soke, Takayoshi Nagamine (10th dan), who was the successor of his father Grand Master (Osensei) Shoshin Nagamine until his death on the 25th of April 2012.


Learn A Style of Karate Garnering Worldwide Attention

According to a survey* of 75 European and American karate students, 94.1% felt that Okinawan Karate was different from the stereotypical image of karate and 90.7% answered that they wished to train in traditional Okinawan Karate. In fact, many foreigners visit dojos in Okinawa (including ours) for training. In addition to overseas visitors, many people on the Japanese mainland have recently taken interest in Okinawan traditional Karate, as opposed to some of the better known descendant schools (such as Shotokan) that were created on the mainland.

*Combined results of surveys conducted at Karate seminars: Dixon, California (September 13-14, 2003) and London, UK (September 20-21, 2003).

Introducing Our Students

We have only a few members currently, ranging from beginners to 40 year practitioners; most members are Yudan-sha (Black belts) who have trained for 4 or 5 years in our Headquarters in Okinawa. This translates to a lot of one on one time for students with some of the best practitioners in the sport!

Members of the Osaka Dojo



The Memorial Monument Unveiling & Celebration

Karate-Do International Seminar & Martial Arts Exchange 2020

  • Dates : October 30 - November 2, 2020 (4 days)
  • Schedule
    • Oct 30 (Fri) : International Karate-do Seminar / Dan promotion test
    • Oct 31 (Sat) : International Karate-do Seminar / Dojo Owners Exchange Meeting & Party
    • Nov 1 (Sun) : Monument Unveiling & Celebration
    • Nov 2 (Mon) : Sightseeing Bus Tour (Optional)
  • Venues
    • Monument Unveiling & Celebration : Shinyasiki Park Tomari Naha (Finalized)
    • International Karate-do Seminar : Okinawa Karate Kaikan (Tentative) / Okinawa Prefectural Martial Arts Hall Rensei Dojo 2F (Tentative)

★A detailed schedule and application procedure will be posted later.


Head Instructor of the Osaka Dojo, Mr. Yuichi Danjo (Kyoshi 7th Dan), representing the World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association at the Tembusu Performing Center with a performance of Passai. (Naha, Okinawa - October 27th, 2019)