About Our Dojo

The only official dojo of the WMKA operating in Kansai .

Our Classes

Please note our classes are in Japanese only.

In a typical lesson, we practice Forms (called Kata), Bunkai (application of forms), Yakusoku-kumite (pre-arranged sparring) and Kobudo (Okinawan traditional arms) with the same methods utilized by our Okinawa Headquarters. Not only adults, but also seniors, women and children can train safely because we don’t use full-contact sparring at our Dojo.

We train every Saturday weekly for 2 hours at the Suita Martial arts gymnasium.

Our Training Method

As we mentioned, we shun full contact sparring for safety reasons.

The Matsubayashi-ryu Dojo Osaka chapter utilizes the official Karate training method created by the 2nd Soke, Takayoshi Nagamine (10th dan), who was the successor of his father Grand Master (O'sensei) Shoshin Nagamine until his death on the 25th of April 2012.

Our Students

As a new dojo, we have relatively few students, but most are black belts with 4-5 years of training in our headquarters. We have members ranging from beginners to 40 year practitioners.

Some of Our Members

Yuichi Danjo

Yuichi Danjo
Head Instructor
7th Dan

We offer private training individually tailored to suit each student regardless of age or skill level.

Minoru Yoneda

Minoru Yoneda
4th Dan

You can train Karate safely regardless of gender, age or physical strength.

Nariaki Ozaki

Nariaki Ozaki
3rd Dan

I'm proud to do my part to pass on Okinawan karate to the next generation.